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VIDEO: In the Name of Life | Yosemite National Park

In the Name of Life – a video from my May visit to Yosemite National Park. This time, I brought a friend of mine who’s never been there – and who’s never been camping, either. However, she fell asleep in the tent the moment she closed her eyes and, according to her words, had a great sleep. Maybe Nature is really where we belong…

Spring in Yosemite is the embodiment of young life full of energy and potential. What did the place teach me this time?



Here and there, we all need something that is simply beautiful. And, well, I found this.

The place where I live is beautiful, I can’t not say that. But honestly, which place – from all these that our planet gave us – isn’t? From the summits of the Himalayas to the depths of seas and oceans, Nature did the best and gave her attention to every single little detail.

And she made it all beautiful.

But what I miss here, in the place that I call my home now, is a forest with a green meadow next to it and moss wet even in the middle of summer so that whenever you sit on it, your pants get all wet. And whenever my parents took me and my sister to sleep outside in the middle of the woods, we used to see fireflies. These little lights of hope.

And I miss these. I miss them so much that is physically hurts.

So here goes. I’m happy to be sharing something simply beautiful with you for the sake of nothing else but slowing down for a while and enjoying one of the magic moments Mother Nature gave us.

Big thanks to Radim Schreiber for this piece of art. Now go and enjoy your moments of peace.