Black Butte Drowned in Color | One Photo

It was the first evening of the long trip. Only half an hour before, we descended the slopes of Mt Shasta back to camp, and I was feeling restless, fed by the mountain’s energy. Something hinted me to return to a turn in the road where we drove earlier that day, and I couldn’t but listen to the whisper.

Following it was more than worth it. When I reached that turn, the sun was just about to start its descent behind the mountain range to the west, and soon, the steep slopes of Black Butte were drowned in the most beautiful colours.

It was, hands down, one of the – or, probably THE – most beautiful sunset I’ve ever witnessed. The colors danced around the short but sharp peak and the air was buzzing with energy. I could feel it on my skin, and I could almost hear it, this hum, this crackle, and tunes of the song only the mountain with the choir of the sunset could sing.

Mount Adams | One Photo

We saw Mount Adams for quite some time from different places in Oregon before we finally got this grand view of the mountain during our hike up Mt Rainier. For the entirety of the trip, I wasn’t able to identify it and in the end, I found out its name only after I posted it on Instagram. Thank you random stranger for correcting me!

The mountain was our companion during the times of turmoil when my car broke down in the middle of nowhere in Oregon, and then as we made our way north to Washington. It was almost as saying goodbye to an old friend when we left Mt Rainier and with it the last views of Mount Adams, heading to Olympia.

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Crater Lake | One Photo

I’ve wanted to visit Crater Lake for… a long time. Last year, when I took my parents on a road trip, we drove just 30 miles south of it – but because our schedule was packed that day, we decided not to take the turn and go to the lake.

Crater Lake has been nagging in the back of my mind even more consistently since. And this month, I finally got to visit this wonder. What I can’t say, however, is that the lake would stop nagging. Ever since I laid my eyes on it for the first time, my mind has been trying to wrap itself around it. How does something like this even exist? No photos can do justice to the blue of the water – the bluest blue I’ve ever seen – or to the size of the lake, or to the gradient of the sky above it. To take it all in in one look is impossible; you have to turn your head from side to side to be able to take in the whole lake.

Yet again, I was completely amazed by the wonders of the planet we live on as I stood on the top of the lookout where we hiked with my boyfriend . It took some time and convincing for him to get me to start hiking back down. I could be staring at that lake for centuries and never be able to comprehend it, never have enough…